AIC Tax and Consulting Co.
Business Name (AIC Group)
AIC Tax Co.
AIC Co.,Ltd.
AIC Sharoshi Office
AIC Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office
Kanezaki CPA Office
Tensho Minami-Aoyama Building 413, 2-4-15, Minami-Aoyama,
1-1-3,Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 JAPAN
(from outside Japan)

Sakurabashi Nishi Building 9th floor,
2-3-3 Sonezakishinchi Kita-ku,
Osaka 530-0002, JAPAN

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Directors AIC Tax Co. / AIC Co.,Ltd.
Sadao Kanezaki (Managing Partner)
    Akira Ikemoto (CFO)
    Orie Taki(COO)     Miyaoka Satoko
Professionals 1 Certified Public Accountant
7 Certified Public Tax Accountants
1 Certified Labor and Social Security Attorney
1 Certified Gyoseishoshi Lawyer
Establishment April 1991

AIC Group Timeline

April 1991 Founded Ameba Corporation and established Kanezaki CPA Office
July 2002 Kanezaki CPA Office changed its name into Subaru Accounting Office
September 2002 Became a member of INPACT ASIA PACIFIC
May 2006 Ameba Corporation changed its name into AIC Co., Ltd
Closed Subaru Accounting Office and established AIC Tax Co
May 2010 Established AIC Sharoshi Office
July 2010 Opened Tokyo office in Shibuya
March 2011 Established AIC Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Office
October 2020 Moved Tokyo office from Shibuya to Minami-Aoyama

AIC Basic Principles

Our eternal mission is to benefit our customers through tax and accounting services.

AIC Code of Conduct


金崎 定男

Sadao Kanezaki  Managing Partner

Mar. 1984 B.Com., Kansai University(Japan)
Dec. 1988 MBA Wright State University(USA)

(Work Experience)
Apr. 1984 Price Waterhouse (Audit)
May 1989 Business Brain Showa Ota (cheif consultant)
Apr. 1991 Started Accounting & tax consultation business in Osaka

CPA(Certified Public Accountant) and
CPTA(Certified Public Tax Accountant)

I received an MBA after working for two years as an international accounting firm, Price Waterhouse, in Tokyo.
Then I joined another consulting firm as a chief consultant in Tokyo.
After engaging in accounting system consultation in that company, I started my own business in Osaka.

池本 啓

Akira Ikemoto  CFO

Mar 1997 B.A. in Business Administration at Kobe University
After working in other company,
2004 Join Subaru Accounting Office (later known as AIC Tax Co., Ltd)
Certified Public Tax Accountant

My name is Akira Ikemoto of AIC Tax Co.
We provide accounting services not only to Japanese companies but also enterprises of foreign capitals.
In this rapidly changing business society, we are doing our best to make timely proposals and provide precise advice to meet the needs of our clients.
Our company is located in Umeda where you can come by all train lines. Please feel free to contact us whenever necessary. We always look forward to seeing you.


Orie Taki  COO(HR)

1993 B.A. in English literature at Ritsumeikan University
After working in other company,
2006 Join Subaru Accounting Office (later known as AIC Tax Co., Ltd)
2006 Labor and Social Security Attorney
2008 Certified Public Tax Accountant

After 10 years with AIC, I am making a fresh start as a partner.
Working as a certified public tax accountant has made me realize that our work doesn't end with just calculating tax, preparing tax returns and providing tax consultations.
Each client has varying needs and I believe that getting clients talking and listening to them are of importance in identifying those needs.
I would like to be a friendly and reliable chartered tax accountant as well as labor and social security attorney, who understands client's perspective and can grow together with clients, and most importantly I will strive to provide a high quality service.
I look forward to continue working with you all.


Satoko Miyaoka  COO(Tokyo)

1991 B.A. in Linguistics at International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan
After working 2 years in Maersk Line A/S Japan and living in New Zealand/ England/ USA as a housewife,
2007 Join Join Subaru Accounting Office (later known as AIC Tax Co., Ltd)
2013 Certified Pubic Tax Accountant

Welcome to AIC.
We can take care of various accounting-related back office works of foreign company's Japan subsidiary and branch - bookkeeping, reporting, payroll calculation, payment , and of course tax return filing.
We can consult with question asked from both Japan office and foreign head office regarding Japanese tax.
We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you.


OSAKA Office

OSAKA Office

Sakurabashi Nishi Building 9th floor,
2-3-3 Sonezakishinchi Kita-ku,
Osaka, JAPAN
  TEL +81-50-7101-1931

Osaka Metro Midosuji line   1 minute walk from Nishiumeda station (Exit C-57)
JR Gakkentoshi line    1 minute walk from Kitashinchi station (Exit 9 (C-57))
JR Osaka station   8 minutes walk to the south from Sakurabashi exit

TOKYO Office

TOKYO Office

Tensho Minami-Aoyama Building 413, 2-4-15, Minami-Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

2 minutes walk from JR Aoyama-itchome Station

AIC Group